Jewellery Making Session with Liz Riley

10 Women

Jewellery Making Session with Liz Riley


Paper, Card, fabrics,

(earrings, pendant, bracelet).

Explore and experiment with metals.

Books, sample pieces, pictures of textured/roll mill printed copper and silver jewellery…

What can jewellery be? Looking at how jewellery/adornment can be a mode of expression for maker and wearer.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery to wear and why?

What are the properties of copper and silver? How can they be worked and shaped.

The importance of Health and Safety, working safely and the risks involved.

Anneal metal -why annealing metal is important in jewellery making –

How to use a brazing torch and visual indications that inform us when the metal has reached the right temperatures. The importance of pickling the metals.

A Roll Mill to print on or emboss the surface of silver or copper.

Different textures and materials to push through the rolling mill.

Cutting with a piercing saw/jewelers saw.

Demonstration- how to correctly insert a saw blade into the saw frame explaining how cutting process works.
Cutting mats

Craft knives


Glue sticks


Masking tape and Sellotape

Samples of textured copper

Pictures of jewellery pieces

Rolling mill






Cutting Mats



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